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“futari” is a new lifestyle brand specialized for two people. The word “futari” means two people in Japanese.  The concept of futari brand is “create happiness for two” by reinforcing a powerful bond between two persons, generating a heartwarming and delightful feeling, and making priceless memories in their lifetime.


Bring smiles 



Journey of life for two



Make memories with your partner



Deliver happiness to your special




"futari" brand is managed by futari style, Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.  We help people around the world spend their life with more smile and happy.  Kazuto & Nozomi is the couple founder of futari style, Ltd., and produces the new items and services related to life style, travel, food, communication, experience, etc. for two people or couples.

The idea has been triggered from our real life journey.  We Kazuto and Nozomi first met in Tokyo and got married after a time however, since the very next day of our wedding we had to live apart due to each other’s job.  Over a few years spent in different countries, we finally began to live together in Singapore and were delighted to share every single moment.  Those experiences questioned and encouraged ourselves to think about how a relationship of two persons should be.

futari style, Ltd.
1-2-20-104 Imagawa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 1670035 JAPAN